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No two dents are the same! A dent is caused by something forcefully hitting the affected panel and affecting the surface of the metal with a indention…with that said when a 1 inch dent is nocked in with a soft rubber object compared to sharp metal object nocking a dent into the panel creating a 1 inch dent the center would be much more difficult to remove the sharp dent then the soft one which creates the variation on price for the same 1 inch dent from one to the other on price.

Factors which could require an upcharge!

  • Creases are more difficult then soft round dents
  • Aluminum is more difficult to work on then metal
  • Braces add to the difficulty of the dent to be removed
  • Body line dents add more difficulty to the repair

Some panels have sound deadening panels on the inside of panel which make it more difficult to remove the dent.

Multiple dent discounts are priced accordingly….1st biggest dent full price depending on size of the dent and each individual dent on the same car is now priced half off the original price each dent would of been after the largest dent has been priced to full price.