About Us

About Dent Solution

Dent Solution is owned & operated by Ian Cordle out of Napa, CA.  Ian has operated Dent Solution as a quality Paintless Dent Repair (PRD) & Removal service for over 15 years with a commitment to automotive excellence.

“We strive to offer a fast affordable answer to minor dents & dings while performing the best repair that money can buy.” ~ Ian Cordle

As a 25-year master technician & trainer Ian has become the first choice for auto body shops & car enthusiasts alike.  Working on every day drivers to high end cars such as Ferrari, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Porsche & Bentley.

Many years ago Ian was labeled as the “Dentologist” by his peers while conducting training for over 250 body men & the name stuck.  Today he boasts to having a PHD in “Dentology” & has trademarked the name.  His personal & professional reputation is of the highest standard & you can be assured that with a 100% success rate & guaranteed satisfaction promise you will receive the best possible service at the best value possible when working with Dent Solution.

~ Dent Solution Team